Economy Series Bundle

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Economy Series Specs

Powerful Smoke Output

Customized components that generates more smoke than you'll ever need.

Reliable Generator

Equipped with an all new Ceramic Smoke System [Lifetime Guaranteed]

Safe Usage

Built in Regulator set to 1-PSI. Safe smoke pressure for testing all systems.

What's in the Bundle?

Economy Series Smoke Machine

Smoke Hose [ 7 FT ]

Universal Metal Smoke Nozzle

Power Cables [ 10 FT ]

10 AMP ATC Power Fuse

User Manual and Instructions

Cone Adapter - Exhaust Intake Boot

Designed to fit almost all exhaust tips and intake boots. Made for opening as small as 1" to 4.2"

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EVAP Service Port Adapter Kit

Works with ALL Smoke/Vacuum Leak Detection machines (Red Line, OTC, AutoLine Pro, and others).

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Cap Plugs Kit [23 Piece Set]

Specially Tapered Cap Plugs ensure a snug seal on all openings allowing you to perform an efficient leak test.

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Smoke Fluid [16 FL OZ]

Tested and Proven in our lab to generate the purest of smoke for automotive usages.

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