Diagnose Any Leak (Evap Leak, Vacuum Leak, Turbo Leak & More)

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EVap systems

Evaporative Emissions Control Systems are mandated on all cars and trucks to prevent harmful fuel vapors from entering into our local communities and atmosphere.

EVAP Leaks happen naturally due to everyday wear and tear of automotive drive system as cars age. Smog Checks are done regularly to maintain automotive efficiency.

Diagnosing Evap leaks

First sign of an EVAP leak would be the appearance of the "Check Engine" light. It is safe to continue driving by not recommended. Most leaks are small, you would not be able to smell the leak. An OBDII sensor will help you diagnose what type of leak is present.

EVAP Leak Codes to look for:

P0442 / P0445 / P0440 / P0446 / P0411

Finding Evap leaks

After diagnostics, Autoline Pros Smoke Machine will be able to find any leaks quickly and easily. Our line of smoke generating leak detectors are easy to use. especially when combined with our adapters. You will be able to find leaks in:

Closed System Leaks / EVAP Systems / Vacuum Leaks / Low Pressure Turbos / Intake Manifolds / Cooling Systems / EGR / Exhaust Systems / Worn rubber gaskets seals / Connectors and more.