AutoLine Pro Unveils the Ventus: Revolutionary Instant Smoke Machine with Patented Atomic Smoke™ Technology

Experience unprecedented diagnostic efficiency with the Ventus, featuring instant smoke generation that saves time and money for automotive professionals.



Matt Collaco, Director of Advertising
AutoLine Pro LLC
Phone: (949) 229-1047

Los Angeles, CA, May 16, 2023 — AutoLine Pro is proud to announce the release of the Ventus Automotive Smoke Machine, a cutting-edge tool that sets new standards in the automotive diagnostics industry. With its patented Atomic Smoke™ technology, the Ventus offers instant smoke generation at the push of a button, dramatically reducing diagnostic times, enhancing workflow efficiency and saving mechanics money.

The Ventus is the only smoke machine on the market equipped with a built-in air compressor and battery operation, allowing for complete portability and immediate use without external power sources or setups. This self-contained unit delivers high-density, odorless smoke instantly, making it an indispensable tool for quickly identifying leaks in EVAP, vacuum, exhaust, and other closed systems.


Featuring a flow meter mode, the Ventus not only identifies leaks but also quantifies them, allowing for precise diagnostics and verification of repairs. Its compact and sleek design includes modular storage, integrating seamlessly into any professional setting while providing a clutter-free environment. Additionally, the Ventus's patented smoke generation technology is extremely efficient, providing up to 75 hours of smoke testing with just a single bottle of fluid, maximizing cost-effectiveness and operational sustainability.

"Our Atomic Smoke™ technology is a game-changer for mechanics and automotive enthusiasts alike," says Matt Collaco, Director of Advertising at AutoLine Pro. "The ability to generate smoke instantly without heat represents a significant advancement in safety and convenience, streamlining the diagnostic process like never before, saving professional mechanics both time and money."

The Ventus is now available for purchase through AutoLine Pro's website and Amazon. View the Ventus AutoLine Pro's website for more information and to see the Ventus in action, showcasing its full capabilities and sleek design. AutoLine Pro stands behind the Ventus with a lifetime warranty, ensuring their customers enjoy unparalleled support and product reliability.

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AutoLine Pro is at the forefront of automotive diagnostic technology, dedicated to providing innovative, safe, and efficient tools for the automotive industry. Each product is designed with the professional in mind, enhancing diagnostic processes and overall workflow efficiency.

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